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Black Masterbatch

We areĀ a pioneer in distributing a superlative spectrum of highly loaded Black masterbatches. By employing varied types and grades of carbon, we can offer diverse grades of black master batches

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Biocide - Antimicrobial additives

A biocide is defined as a chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, deter, render harmless or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism by chemical or biological means.

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Silane - Coupling & crosslinking agents

Silane coupling agents are compounds that contain functional groups that bond with both organic and inorganic materials. They improve mechanical strength of composite materials, provide excellent adhesion to many substrates and used for surface and resin modification.

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Oxo Biodegradable solutions for plastics

OXO-biodegradation is biodegradation which is defined as degradation resulting from oxidative and cell-mediated phenomena, either simultaneously or successively.

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